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Bringing to life a Family & Community Empowerment Model!

 25 Bough employs a 'Family & Community Empowerment Model.'  The Family & Community Empowerment Model looks to introduce multi-functional and multi-generational uses within development and planning.  The model addresses societal gaps across education, awareness  and equity leading to lack of empowerment. 

The family and community empowerment model involves a data driven approach which first looks at the demographics and make up of the target community.  As an example, the City of Providence, Rhode Island has a median age of 29.4%,  51.8% women, Race – 54.2% White alone, 43% Latino and 16% Black or African American.  The planning process should be transparent integrating these understood demographics of: age, gender and other attributes which align to people living in the city or area. Natives of the target area or residents of 15+ more years may have a different lens of perspective which is missed by those evaluating from only isolated pockets of the larger community.  The planning advisory board, committee, team or agile group would presumably reflect the community demographics at large.  

It is the belief that truly understanding the community requires listening to all parts and neighborhoods within it as representative scale.   There should be attention made to not leave people or sections of the city behind.  This approach will enhance the final output and pave the way for increased adoption as a a true reflection of the community cultures they serve. Often times, this requires one to venture outside of their general locale and places which they comfortably frequent.  Anything outside of this approach may be viewed as disingenuous and a play to control resources by those not in the community. It can actually backfire to overlook and not address the selected representation and formations. 

The usage of the 'Family & Community Empowerment Model' seeks to strengthen family units and underserved communities with multi-generational and multi-functional offerings including but not limited to:  programs across financial literacy, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics) career and self awareness, offerings with health, wellness alongside athletics with co-working, and collaborative spaces for innovators, entrepreneurs and freelancers.  The Family & Community Empowerment model is an integrated, blended experience to the community with a holistic lens.   The uses cases reflect offerings which go across the entire family needs and thus, have the potential of offering something for everyone in the family to grow, learn and be empowered together.  

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